Saturday, 18 May 2013

What Do You Mean You Didn't Check It?

Imagine the scenario as an expensive and time-conscious marketing campaign nears its completion. The folders are printed, die-cut, assembled and laminated, the mailing house is waiting for the data spreadsheets; a team of part-time workers is standing by to insert the relevant marketing materials.

The exhibition starts on Wednesday. That’s two days. It would have been nice to get everything ready a week, two weeks earlier, but that’s business. Not possible. It's all been tight, all deadlines. Not a minute to spare. It's then you get a call from the printer first thing Monday morning. There’s a spelling mistake in the centrepiece 24-page brochure that outlines the company history. Only one mistake, it can’t matter can it?

But it does, it's the M.D.'s name. Someone has missed it, hell, a lot of people have missed it, from the copy writer to the numerous proof-readers who were asked to have a look at it, to you…

Wait, you mean you didn't look at it? It took one low paid guillotine operator trimming sheets at 8.50pm on the late shift at the printers to spot it? You can almost hear the phone ringing now–M.D, on the line–'You did check it yourself, didn’t you? Didn’t you?'

Mistakes are expensive. Campaigns are expensive. Re-runs are expensive. Last minutes deliveries are expensive, and someone has to take the blame.

Don’t let it be you!